Our Work

Helping people with digital jigsaw puzzles.

Our Work
Our Work

Each year more business realise they need to make their presence online count. Be it small, medium or large business, websites are the doorway to new business.

Through our process we can help you with:

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Website Design
  • Custom Development
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

We also have a custom built web application called MyWebTool which can help you with more complex problems.

Our Work
Our Work

For projects which require some planning, we would begin a project by working on User Experience (UX) Design. Creating a road plan to establish content which is flexible to allow for change. We also offer User Interface (UI) Design services, looking at how a digital project can work across devices small to large. We understand the details such as ideal button placement, colour shape and form. We believe adding to the details at an early stage pays dividends long term.

Most websites are more than just a few pages with information. They are intelligent systems which work with dynamic data and often connect to one or multiple services. We can build your web application, custom build website or build an integration solution for data using feeds. We use open source technology and look for the latest solutions to address the problem.

Our Work
Our Work

We’ve been developing with WordPress for over 10 years. We understand what works and what doesn’t work. Over this time we’ve seen some nasty examples of clients who go overseas to get a cheap website built, and ‘pay’ for it later. We develop WordPress properly. We know which plugins work best, and which ones to avoid.

Our favorite eCommerce platform, we only develop with WooCommerce because we love it. We know how well it works with WordPress, how to enhance it without plugins, how to add the hooks and filters where needed and how to optimise it. We also know how to make it scale easier, and how to improve your sales.

Our Work
Our Work

WordPress and WooCommerce are great. They provide off the shelf tools which get you going quickly. However, managing large amounts of data can be slow. And adding more plugins to an over crowded environment can cause issues. Then there are problems you have which there is no solution for.

MyWebTool can help solve your problems. It works alongside WordPress and WooCommerce, and is ideal for managing large amounts of data more efficiently. It’s custom built to your needs. It can help you uncover issues you didn’t know you had.

Databases Perfect for product and customer databases, custom built.
Analytics Connects to Google Analytics, works with your data to produce reports.
Integration Works with Wordpress and WooCommerce data.
PDF Generator Converts data in to PDF files templated files.
Image Optimizer Converts JPG and PNG files to smaller, web friendly formats.
Currencies Set up multiple currencies for use with product databases.
Databases Set up XML and JSON feeds of data to connect to other third party platforms.
Security Set up a top layer of security to control your visitors.
Our Work