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A custom built web application to suit your business needs, MyWebTool.

Our Work
Our Work

MyWebTool has been in development for over 10 years. Originally coded as a very simple content managed system for basic websites, before smart phones arrived and websites were 5 pages with a contact form. It has since evolved, and some of the latest features include:

  • Product database (ideal for large data)
  • Customer databases (fully customised)
  • Import and Export CSV files
  • Plugs in to Google Analytics
  • Integrates with third party software
  • Creates PDF files
  • Optimises images
  • Set up multiple currencies
  • Generate XML and JSON feeds
  • Set up security surveilance

MyWebTool can work as an independent content managed system, or as a bridge with WordPress and WooCommerce. It’s great at managing large product databases for WooCommerce, where a WordPress environment isn’t needed, and useful for integration with other platforms when it’s handy to see status of data being sent.

Our Work
Our Work


Product database.

Perfect for managing large product databases where existing e-Commerce solutions can be slow. Works directly with WooCommerce products. Upload and Download CSV files.

Customer database.

Track enquiries from websites, upload customers and maintain, set up custom data fields, email contacts.

Analyse data from Google Analytics.

Plugs in to your Google Analytics UA code. Copy data to database for analysis. Cross check data with other data for reporting across date ranges, download PDF reports.

Integration with third party software.

Working as a bridge (WordPress and WooCommerce) or as a standalone app, use it to send data to other platforms using common formats. Receive responses to track errors.

Create PDF files easily.

Turn products in to print friendly PDF files, use HTML based templates to create a designed theme. Create customisable PDF’s with user data.

Optimise images.

Perfect for sites with hundreds+ images, easily find large files and reduce file sizes, crop and resize images for website optimisation and increase your Google PageSpeed.

Set up multiple currencies to work with products.

Ideal for websites selling products in different countries. Set up multiple currencies and assign to user location. Set up the rates manually, or use an API to pull in up to date values.

Generate JSON and XML feeds easily.

Custom built XML and JSON encoded feeds, ideal for posting data to other platforms.

Set up security surveillance to help protect your website.

Find out whose visiting your site, help keep unwanted visitors at bay through black listing and reporting. Close loop holes where exposed.

Our Work