888 Casino: The world’s largest online casino (Part 2)


For ease, when playing on your computer, you don’t need to download and update apps like before, so you can compete in web-based games. This means that you log in to your account, import it and play it directly on the web browser. 

For mobile computers, you can also play directly on your mobile web browser or download different applications from the Google Play Store and the App Store. 

Generally speaking, the 888 Casino graphics are very eye-catching, the games are smooth and steady. Live games are stunning, high resolution (it depends on your connection speed). Especially recently, 888 Casino has just updated a new design with a more sleek and tidy gui.

Deposit and transfer of funds 

888 accepts a variety of payment options. With Vietnam, you can deposit and withdraw money at 888 Casino using your bank account or e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. 

Recharge via online banking or e-wallet is very easy, and the money will be updated to your account immediately. 

The processing speed of 888 will render you unsatisfied with the withdrawal route. Withdrawals at 888 to wait 3 days to be approved. During this time, you can change your mind and cancel your withdrawal if you wish. According to SieuBet’s knowledge, including waiting time, it would take 4 days to withdraw money to the bank and 3 days to withdraw to the Skrill/Neteller pocket (excluding Saturday and Sunday).


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Currently, 888 Casino has two promotional offers for new players that you can pick from

Offer 1: 100% Spicy Promotion, up to $200. 

This campaign is a very easy one. You’re going to get double the first fee, up to 200 bonus. For example: deposit $20 you’ll have $40 to play, $100 deposit would have $200 to play… 

Do the following to earn this promotion: 


Then press the Bonus Demand button on the Cashier tab. 

Finally, go to your email address and press the Incentive claim form. 

Offer 2: $1,500 discount in the first week. 

Deposit the first time with Welcome1 code, you’ll get 100 percent up to 100 instant promotions. After 7 days after that you will recharge 4 more times, once you wager the deposit 3 times, you’ll get 30 percent up to a limit of $350.