about pacificshack - AboutAlicia Jenkins grew up between games and fun. Her family owned a casino in her hometown. When she came of age, Alicia’s father taught her how to play poker. She mastered the game so quickly that within weeks, she learned about baccarat and blackjack.

Her father was so proud of Alicia that he immediately put her to work at the casino with him. Alicia learned about management and learned to run the casino.

The years passed and Alicia became a real connoisseur of the game. She would give her close friends tips on how to win casino games. As a result, she decided to establish an online magazine to share her knowledge with more people. This is how Pacific Shack was born. The best website to know more about casino games and complete history.

Pacific Shack is inspired by the golden decade of the casino. Therefore, you will find the most complete articles about the beginnings of this fabulous form of entertainment. Over the years, the casino has reinvented itself. You will learn the differences between online and land-based casinos.

Find out which are the online casinos with the widest variety of games and master them all with our tips.

Gambling is a hobby that has existed practically forever and there are records of this practice that go back hundreds of years.

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