How to Play Omaha Poker-Basic Omaha’s Rules (Part 1)

Omaha is also a popular poker game, although not many people have played Texas Hold’em. But there’s been a recent phenomenon in online casinos. That’s how the number of Omaha players is increasing. Perhaps it was because Hold’em showed signs of saturation and a lot of poker players started switching to Omaha.

Basically, the gameplay of Omaha poker is quite similar to that of Hold’em, with only a few differences. 

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Therefore, if you already know how to play Hold’em, learning to play Omaha is going to be very fast

Rules of the Omaha Game-Basic Rules

Deck Cards 

Like Hold’em, the Omaha game uses 52 cards on the standard deck. It includes 4 substances: muscle, rotor, spade, dragonfly. There are 13 cards in each suit, from 2 to A. 

Location of dealer 

There will be one player holding the Dealer position in each hand, denoted by a small round button. Normally, it would be the person who is shuffling and dealing cards. But you don’t have to do that when you play poker online. Dealer position is only to determine who must post the blind money and the first action in each betting round.

Two differences between Omaha and Hold’em 


At the beginning of the hand, each player will receive four separate cards (a trump card) instead of just two cards as in Hold’em. 

How to combine cards: The player must use 2 of his 4 trump cards to combine 3 of the cards on the board in order to form the strongest 5-card hand. 

General cards: 

A total of 5 cards will be shown on the board during the 4 betting rounds (3 cards on the Flop, 1 card on the Turn and 1 card on the River). 


Players have the following action options in each betting round: Check, Call, Bet, Raise or Fold. The meaning of each action was explained in how to play poker. If you would like, please review that post.

How to win your side:

As in every other poker game, in order to win the Omaha hand, you either have to have the better hand when the hand is turned or compel all the opponents to give up.