How to Play Omaha Poker-Basic Omaha’s Rules (Part 2)

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cach choi poker omaha hi lo 300x168 - How to Play Omaha Poker-Basic Omaha’s Rules (Part 2)

The ranking of the card in Omaha was the same as in Hold’em

The order of the strong to the poor is as follows: 

Royal Flush

Straight Flush

Four of a kind

Full house



Three of a kind

Two pair


High card

A complete game of Omaha


The two players on the left side of the dealer spot will put blind money according to the rules. The first guy to the left of the dealer is a little blind, the next person is a major blind. For example, the Pot Limit Omaha table is $1/2, the small blind is $1, and the big blind is $2.

Distribute the cards

Each player will obtain four trump cards, no one will see which hand. Bet rounds are beginning to take place.


The player near to the wide blind left hand will act first with the following options: fold, call or lift. Then the next players will act clockwise. 

The betting round only ends until 1) everybody has taken action and 2) the stakes of all unplayed players have been equal.


The first three cards are shown in the center of the table, open to all. 

A new betting round starts with the first person left (who hasn’t folded) on the Dealer’s left hand. This person is allowed to verify or bet. Then the next person will behave in the clockwise direction, analogous to the previous ring.


The fourth joint card will be displayed on the table. 

The remaining players are beginning a new round of the old rules. The round also begins with the first player left of the dealer.


The fifth card, also the last joint card, is seen on the table. 

The remaining players will reach the final betting round under the same old rules. The first player left to the dealer will act first.


If there are 2 or more players after the remaining 4 betting rounds, they will face off to see who wins. The player with the best five card combination wins. In the case of an even hand, the pot is shared evenly between the winners.

Start with a new hand 

After the winner has been given the cup, a new Omaha hand will take place. The Dealer button teleports the next player clockwise.