Poker and Business Deals – My Winning Combo

My name is John Mitchell and thanks to Pacific Shack, I can share a story with you. A story that may be hard for many to believe. However, I am sure that for others, it is as real as the sun rising every day.

I’ve had a real estate company for over ten years. With a lot of effort, studies, and hard work for several years, I managed to create this company that has brought me a lot of happiness, profits, and above all, teachings.

When you are the owner of a big company like mine, you have many employees in your care. If there’s one thing I like, it’s giving back to my employees for all the effort they make to keep us growing. Because of this, for the last three years, I have incorporated an entertainment strategy into the company.

Poker and Business Deals My Winning Combo 1 - Poker and Business Deals - My Winning Combo

I have always been a poker lover, and I thought it was an incredible idea to share these tastes with my employees.

Once a month, I organize a poker game party for my employees. It serves to distract them, learn to play fair, and strengthen their bonds of friendship. Since we do this, it has brought me great advantages to the company, as everyone enjoys the treatment we give them and works harder.

Poker and Business Deals My Winning Combo 2 - Poker and Business Deals - My Winning Combo

I apply the same thing every time I need to close business deals with some clients. I invite them to dinner and play poker. The clients seem so relaxed and have fun, that we always end up closing great deals and making lasting friendships.

Poker has been my entertainment and my best strategy in life. It has helped me to improve my relationship with my employees by making them happier. It has also helped me get new customers and expand my business.

Poker and Business Deals My Winning Combo 3 - Poker and Business Deals - My Winning Combo

The conclusion I want to reach is that if you are a game-loving person like me, include it in your business strategies. You will see how it ends up working out the way you expected. Just as poker is a game of probabilities, in real life you can use this metaphor to apply it in your work and personal relationships.

Games of chance are not just gambling. They are the best way to create friendships, learn to win and lose healthily, and make strategies that lead to success.